From Power Soak Systems, the worldwide leader in continuous motion washing, comes a never-before-seen solution for washing and insuring sanitation for all produce items in the kitchen ... the all-new Produce Soak. The Produce Soak represents a quantum leap in efficient and thorough power-assisted washing and sanitizing of produce.


A Faster, Better Way To Wash Fruits And Vegetables

If you're like most operators, sanitation and food safety are high on your list. But with handwashing, safety can't always be ensured. That's why we've developed Produce Soak - a hands-free fruit and vegetable washing system that gently washes tomatoes to potatoes (and everything in between). Produce Soak allows you to achieve greater safety levels and prolong shelf life ... with only a few minutes of washing. Produce Soak can even tackle cut produce. To learn more about Produce Soak, click here or call us at 1-800-444-9624.


Power Soak, the innovative leader in continuous motion commercial warewashing, also utilizes its unique patented rear jet design in its Produce Soak units. The Conroe Independent School District of Conroe, TX uses the Produce Soak hands-free fruit and vegetable washing system to ensure food safety, reduce labor costs, and conserve energy. Conroe ISD also greatly benefits from the Power Soak continuous motion commercial dishwasher pot and pan washers.

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